December 2018


Featuring selected student work and a performance from Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Satellite program- "Generation why" by Teatro En Vilo, the opening event of our new facilities was a great success.

November 2018

Guest Teachers

Maroula Iliopoulou, Jessica Van Cauteren, Alexandra Rogovska

Jessica Van Cauteren

Contemporary, Composition, Improvisation & Art Therapy

Alexandra Rogovska

Contemporary & improvisation

Maroula Iliopoulou

Contemporary, Ballet, Improvisation, & Composition

October 2018

Guest Teachers

Evangelia Kolyra, Maria Doulgeri

Evangelia Kolyra

Contemporary, Composition, Improvisation
& Physical Theatre

Maria Doulgeri

A Performer's Craft
About Preparation

September 2018

Guest Teacher

Klaudia Wittmann - Contemporary, Improvisation & Composition

July 2018


PERA Dance BA students' end of year final performance entitled "Under Construction". It featured four productions from invited choreographers; Julia Brendle, Opuntia Dance (Mafalda Deville, Israel Pimenta), Horacio Macuacua, Sabrina Gargano alongside a showcase of selected student work from repertoire and composition classes.

June 2018


We extend heartfelt congratulations to our Dance and Theatre graduates and we wish them all the best in their future endeavours and future lives in performance!

January 2018

Site Specific Performance- "If It Doesn't Rain"

Dance BA students end of the 1st semester performance

July 2016

"I AM"

PERA Dance BA students final performance entitled "I AM", with invited choreographers Sevim Akpinar, Arianna Economou and Tomislav English .