Entry to PERA’s Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Dance is by online application to register for an upcoming audition and following a successful completion of the audition process. We welcome applications on the basis of potential for a career in dance and suitability for our programme.

Encouraging intimate group settings to optimise learning and guarantee individual support, PERA only admits a limited number of 25 students to its study programme every academic year.

Early submission of your application is strongly advised as we select a small number of students to participate for the Bachelor of Dance.


1. In order to be eligible for an audition as a candidate student, you will need to complete and submit our online application form.

2. Upon receiving a response to your application, please select and book an audition date. You will need to secure your place in the audition before the closing date for the audition you wish to attend. Please note that a response will be sent to the e-mail address you provide in your application form to confirm your online booking.


International students who are unable to attend to any of our live auditions will be able to audition by video.

For entry onto the Bachelor of Dance, you will need to complete and submit your application before the final closing date. Once you receive an approval to audition by video, upload your recordings on Youtube and send the link to

You will need to submit your video audition under the email subject title of;



The recorded audition should include the following:

•10 minute material from a ballet technique class including barre and center work;

•10 minute material from a contemporary technique class including floor work;

• 2 minute improvisation on two opposing themes;

• 2 minute solo devised and performed by yourself;

•No longer than a two minute speech about yourself highlighting your expectations from the programme and demonstrating your motivation to study dance at a professional level.


Students from Cyprus wanting to apply for PERA Dance BA will need to do a live audition. To secure your place in the audition, you will need to complete and submit your online application form. Upon receiving a response to your online application, please select and book an audition date before the final closing date.


The suitability of the candidates for the programme is evaluated by the following criteria:

• Technical dance skills

• Movement range and development potential

• Versatility and adaptability

• Sensitivity and open-mindedness

• Precision in the execution of movement

• Creative clarity

• Musicality

• Individuality

• Honesty and genuine engagement

• Punctuality and sustainability


•Please make sure you arrive on time for registration purposes.

•Please bring a copy of your CV, ID card/passport and headshot to the audition.

•Please wear comfortable and form fitting clothes as well as bringing ballet shoes for the classical class and knee pads.


• Qualification: Applicants for PERA Dance BA must have completed high school or secondary institution. Please note that for PERA Dance BA entry to the second or third year is also possible based on equivalent certification, transcripts and following a successful audition process.

• Language of teaching is English: Applicants for PERA Dance BA will need to prove their language proficiency by handing in their examination result of minimum ”5” in IELTS, TOEFL or an equivalent certificate. Students without IELTS, TOEFL or a comparable certification can only be admitted to the course after passing the language proficiency test stipulated by Girne American University.

• Age: For PERA Dance BA applicants must be 18 years or older.

• Applicants are required to pass the audition.