Programme Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme, the graduates will have the following competencies:

•They will be versatile and adaptive dancers/performers who possess high level of technical, creative and performance skills.


•They will gain knowledge and understanding of their unique skeletal architecture, awareness of their physical limitations, movement potential and specific peculiarities that ensure competency in practicing within safe and anatomically correct parameters.


•They will have a comprehensive understanding of both technical and artistic principles underpinning contemporary dance and the ability to utilise a variety of approaches and methodologies when indulging in a creative process with professional artists/choreographers.


•They will gain knowledge and understanding of theoretical and conceptual principles that inform a range of dance and dance-related practices.


•They will attain a unique character both as a dancer and as a creator through exploring their bodies thoroughly as a tool for movement research and creative exploration.


•They will develop the ability to process feedback as well as analysing and reflecting critically on a range of dance practices, creative processes and performances.


•They will develop the ability to present an informed viewpoint about their individual work as well as others’ practice.


•They will develop the ability to be open to explore various forms of dance and choreographic practices.


•They will possess the ability to work in collaboration with others as well as attaining the skill and confidence to work independently in relation to their own practice.


•They will develop as professional dance artists who fully commit to the values, attitudes and practices of their profession.