Director of PERA - School of Performing Arts - GAU

Sevim Akpinar

Tutor - Physical Theatre

Sevim Akpinar has an LLB in Law from the University of Kent (2008) and a BA in Dance from GAU School of Performing Arts, Cyprus (2012). She furthered her studies in England pursuing a Professional Development Programme, entitled ‘The Speaking Dancer: Interdisciplinary Performance Training’ - SDIPT (2013) whilst undertaking an MA in Physical Theatre at Royal Holloway, University of London - RHUL (2013-2014). She continued to invest in her education by proceeding her studies with a Postgraduate Certificate in Physical Theatre and Performance which she completed with Distinction (2014) She later became a member of Jasmin Vardimon Company’s JV2 team where she nurtured her creative and artistic skills in a professional company environment. During this period, she performed alongside Jasmin Vardimon Company in ’Maze’ as well as on JV2’s UK Tour of ‘Silence’ by Mafalda Deville, ‘Unregistered Traces’ by Athanasia Kanellopoulou and ‘I Was Minus All’ by Marilena Dara (2015). As a performer, she has also participated in various projects and festivals such as ‘Fur Eli’ by Aoi Nakamura and Esteban Fourmi - AΦE (Cyprus, 2015), ’Far Off Land’ by Arianna Economou (Cyprus, 2016) and ‘Sites Embodied Cyprus Festival on Ecology and the Arts’ directed by Arianna Economou (Cyprus, 2017). Having choreographed for a number of years, her more recent works are‘Dual II’, 7th No_Body Festival (Cyprus, 2015), ‘Not an Iota’, 8th No_Body Festival (Cyprus, 2016), ’She/LL’, 17th Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform (Cyprus, 2017), ’She’, creation for PERA students (Cyprus, 2017) and ‘Venture’ 18th Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform, Limassol (Cyprus, 2018).

Academic Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Tulin Bodamyali

Tulin Bodamyalı received her Bachelor’s (1984), Masters (1987) and PhD (1992) qualifications in England, UK. She completed Certificate courses on Psychology and Basic and Advanced Counselling Skills at University of Bath (2003), followed by a Professional Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy at Rusland College, Bath, UK (2004). She worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at London Hospital Medical College, University of London, UK (1992-1997) and as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at University of Bath, UK (1997-2004). During this period, she also carried out research responsibilities as a Clinical Research Associate at Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases, Bath, UK (2003-2004) and as a Clinical Trials Co-ordinator at Royal United Hospital, Bath, UK (2003-2004). She then moved back to Cyprus and joined Girne American University where she undertook a number of both academic and administrative responsibilities. She is currently the Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences and Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs at GAU. During 2014-2017, she contributed to academic programme development at School of Performing Arts, as the Director of the School as well as lecturing on anatomy classes to PERA students, and is continuing to support PERA as the academic coordinator.

Head of Dance Department

Lloyd Miles

Tutor - Dance History, Interdisciplinary Studies, Introduction to Critical Studies & Anatomy

Lloyd Miles has a BA (Hons) in Dance (1992) and Postgraduate Diploma in Dance (2015) from the University of Chichester. He completed a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Dance) at the University of Bedford (1993). He also has a Level 3 Certificate in Swedish Massage (VTCT) (2009). He has taught at both undergraduate and tertiary education for 20 years in England. He was also responsible for providing workshops and choreographing for the Chichester Festival Youth Dance Company (1994). Lloyd was Head of Dance (1998 – 2013) and Assistant Head of Performing Arts (2014-15) at Chichester College and South Downs College based in the South East of England. He has been a team leader and examiner for the AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance) exam board (2010 – 2015), leading standardisation meetings across the UK and monitoring a team of examiners. He was associate artist for Trading Faces Mask Theatre Company (1998) choreographing and performing in ‘Strung Bead’ (1995), and ‘The Man Who Woke up in the Dark’ (1997). He was a dancer for Attik Dance (1993) performing in ‘Brief Exposure’, and Ginger Dance Theatre performing in ‘Steps’ (1996) and ‘A Touch of Ginger’ (1997). He also received a commission towards creating his own work ‘Face to Face’ (1994), from the Hampshire Dance Trust.


Anna Akabali

Tutor - Ballet, Contemporary, Improvisation & Composition

Anna Akabali attended the Ballet School in Bytom, Poland (1996 – 2004). She graduated from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt (2007) and is currently pursuing an MA in Choreography and Dance Theory at The Fryderyk Chopin University in Music - FCUM in Poland. She has been a dancer in the Silescian Dance Theatre (2008-2010) performing in ‘Re/Evolution’ by Kwai Tsing and ‘Colorblind’ by Soffia Sigridu. She has also performed for the Ankara State Opera and Ballet (2011 – 2018) in “Semah” by A.Binnaz Dorkip (Turkey), ‘Arda Boyları’ by Ozgur Adam Inac (Turkey), ‘Day and Night’ by Roberto Scafati (Germany) and ‘Gulestan’ by Beyhan Murphy (Turkey). She has also choreographed for the Ankara State Opera and Ballet ‘Yanlışların Suçu’ (2014) and ‘The Nutcracker’ (2015). She also presented her solo’s ‘Sitting’ (2018) at the 1st International dance award for mature dancers, ‘Decision’ (2018) at the 15 ODTU Contemporary Dance Festival and ‘Her History’ (2018) at Wroclaw Open Door choreographic workshop. She has also been a guest dancer for Staatstheater, Wiesbaden, Germany 2006.

Oleg Manukovskiy

Tutor - Ballet

Oleg Manukovskiy received his Diploma as Ballet Artist from Vornezh Choroegraphic School, Russia (1969-1977) and became a Ballet teacher after receiving a Pedagogical Diploma from Plovdiv’s Academy of Music, Bulgaria (1995-1999) . He pursued his career as a professional dancer for the Military ensemble of Song and Dance “KZakVO”, in Tbilisi (1977-1981) and Modern Dance Theatre “RERO”, in Tbilisi (1981-1986). He taught classical ballet at Opera and Ballet Theatre of Z. Paliashvili, in Tbilisi (1986-93), Plovdiv’s Opera in Bulgaria (1993-1995) and Skopje’s Opera in Macedonia (1999-2004). He has also delivered Ballet at the Dance School of Tan Sağtürk, Diyarbakır, Turkey (2004-2007). Since 2009, he has been teaching Ballet for children as well as PERA students.

Inal Bilsel

Tutor - Music Analysis & Media Exploration

Inal Bilsel has a BM (High Honours) in Composition from Eastern Mediterranean University (2005), MM Master of Music, Composition Royal Holloway, University of London - RHUL (2006) and MA Visual Art and Visual Communication Design, Eastern Mediterranean University (2015). He is currently working towards a PHD in Music Composition at RHUL. He has taught at the Eastern Mediterranean University, Music Department and Department of Fine Arts (2011-2015) and led preparation courses for ABRSM Theory examinations at ReChord Studios (2011 - 2013). He is a Cypriot composer and visual artist, who has composed many short award-winning films and has taken part in several contemporary exhibitions in Cyprus. His exhibition work has included Paradise Lost (2016), Bodrum, Nicosia, Life Inside_Outside_the_Bubble (2015), Bank of Cyprus Cultural Centre, Nicosia and He/She/It (2014), The House, Kyrenia. His recorded works are Beneath a Steel Sky (2010), Lontano Nilay’s Dream (2007) London Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Jack Jarret. (Recorded at Abbey Road Studios), Concerto for Piano and Strings (2005), Eastern Mediterranean University Ensemble, Four Bagatelles for Solo Flute (2003) Vladimir Kostov. He has appeared in many music festivals, including the prestigious Sonal Instanbul (2017) and released albums through the Sony label (2018). He produces ambient, downtempo and experimental music.


Sila Atikol

Tutor - Yoga

Sila Atikol is a Pilates, Yoga and Barre instructor. She has been teaching Pilates for 4 Years, Vinyasa Yoga for 3 years and Barre for 3 years. She was trained as a Pilates instructor by Taylan Doğan in Antalya (2014), and has received her certification for completing YTT (Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, 200hr programme) in Vinyasa Yoga Principle from Nihan Hantal (2015). In addition, she has attended Total Barre Foundation (2015) and Endurance trainings taught by Ricardo Cuellar Barrios (2016) and most recently she has completed a TRX Functional Training Instructor Course and added Stand Up Paddling and SUP Yoga to her training repertoire (2016). Since 2017, she has been actively delivering Yoga classes for PERA students, placing a particular emphasis on responding to the individual needs of the students in order to further support their technical strength, flexibility, posture and balance as well as focusing on the student’s healthy wellbeing. Currently, she is also training to become Aerial Yoga instructor.

Sandra Popovic

Tutor - Pilates & Body Conditioning

Sandra Popovic has a BA in Tourism (2008) from Turistica Portoroz, Slovenia. She has 15 years of experience in leading classes in a variety of body conditioning activities, starting her working journey in 2002 as a group exercise instructor in Aerobics and Zumba including coordinator training for football players. She has been an aerobic and Zumba toning instructor at the University of Ljublijana, Slovenia, Zumba instructor in Zagreb, Croatia and Pilates Mat instructor at Fitpro Kranj, Slovenia (2012). She has a license for teaching Aerobics (2002), Pilates (2012) and TRX (2015). She has been teaching Pilates, TRX and Zumba for adults at GAU Stage School from 2015 to-date. Since 2016, Sandra Popovic has been actively delivering Body Conditioning and Pilates classes for PERA students, placing a particular emphasis on responding to the individual needs of the students in order to further support their technical strength, endurance and stamina in performance, as well as focusing on injury prevention.

Barlas Sahinoglu

Photographer/Communications Manager

Barlas Sahinoglu is a Cypriot photographer born in the U.K. Having spent the majority of his life in Cyprus he returned to the U.K for university where he achieved a Diploma of Higher Education from Nottingham Trent University in the field of Photography In 2016. He spent his University years shooting commissioned work for fashion students and working with local fashion bloggers. His book which contained all of his second year university work was selected to be exhibited at Free Range in London, the largest art, design and fashion graduate show in Europe. He currently shoots freelance fashion and portraiture work to strengthen his portfolio alongside his role of photographer at PERA, he also manages the social media pages and provides technical assistance as well as supporting construction of the visual ethos of PERA.


Toya Akpinar


Toya Akpinar has a BA in Visual Arts (2012) and BA in Dance (2013) form Girne American University, Cyprus. She also has an MA in Sculpture and Performance from the University for the Creative Arts - UCA, England (2014). She attended the ART Academy at the Instituto Michelangelo, Florence, Italy (2010), studying photography, videography, painting and sculpture. She is an independent artist with an interest in installation and film. She has exhibited at Milos Homes, Kyrenia, Cyprus, Solo Exhibition, Installation ‘Traces’ (2016), Karma Group Exhibition, Installation ‘Om’, SKT Efruz, Cyprus (2016), UCA end of year show, Performance Film ‘Forgotten Bodies’, England (2014), Short Film ‘Beginning After’, Cathedrale de Rouen, France (2014), GAU End of Year Show, Sculpture and Short Film ‘Awakening’, Cyprus (2011/2012), End of Year Project ‘Within’(painting), University of East London - UEL (2010). Toya Akpinar is also a dancer and has performed at the 7th No_Body Festival (Cyprus) in a creation by Sevim Akpinar, entitled ‘Dual II’ (2016) and at the 18th Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform (Cyprus) in a creation by Sevim Akpinar, entitled ‘Venture’ (2018).