February 2019


Andi Xhuma

Andi Xhuma studied dance at the National School of Dance in Greece (2009-2012). Ever since he has been a part of various contemporary dance & physical theatre productions working with choreographers & companies such as Yannis Adoniou, Hannes Langolf , Ermira Goro, Konstantinos Rigos, Anton Lachky, CocoonDance company and DV8 physical theatre.
His personal creations are made for either screen or stage , with the most known being: “Normal Day” 2015
“Ok, that’s you..” 2018
“Tipping point” 2019

March 2019

Guest Teachers

Mickael Marso Riviere

Celine Liesegang

Born in London, Celina trained extensively both in the UK and France in theatre, singing and music before attending the London Contemporary Dance School where she graduated with a first class degree in contemporary dance. During this time she also studied at the California Institute of the Arts where she worked with Lucky Plush Productions choreographer Julia Rhoads, performing at the Walt Disney Modular Theater and REDCAT Los Angeles. She later undertook JV2 Professional Development Certificate where she performed alongside Jasmin Vardimon Company in Maze as well as on JV2’s UK Tour.
She was a founding member of Kinetic Dance Company, has performed with Cando2 and during her training worked with Delphine Gaboritz and Frauke Requardt, also performing works by Julia Rhoads, Rick Nodine, Joe Moran and Eva Recacha.

Celina has been choreographing for a number of years, notably in installation and site specific settings, as well as in film and on stage. Her work tends to place a strong focus on the spectator’s participation and their role within each piece, be it active or passive. Often commenting on social or political lines of question, her use of humour and realism endeavours to ensure the work remains accessible to a wide range of audiences. Her work has been presented both nationally and internationally in venues including, the Victoria and Albert Museum, V22, Linbury Studio Theatre (Royal Opera House), Robin Howard Dance Theatre, Peckham Space, South London Gallery, Galeria Walk&Talk (PO) and the Sharon Disney Lund Dance Theatre (US).

Mickael Marso Riviere

Born in France, Mickael Marso Riviere is an award winning choreographer. In the last 19 years he has established himself as a major force in both the contemporary dance, and Breakin’ (Breakdance) worlds, producing events and touring original works in the UK and abroad.
Founder of Company Decalage, Bboy's Attic and Marso Riviere IMG Photography, He’s an active member of leading Breakin’ Crews MDK and The Bronx Boys 1975, judging, competing and promoting Hip Hop Culture internationally.
Recent productions include T-Break for Birmingham International Dance Festival, Matches with Guy Nader and Hokiri for Carlos Acosta’s Company "Acosta Danza” which premiered in Havana (Dec 2016). For Birmingham Hippodrome he produced B-Side Hip Hop Festival and Experimental dance concept event KRE8! (2016-2018). He co-directed and featured in the Hippodrome Creative’s Dance on Screen commission X-Ray The Unknown Quantity by Hugh Turvey. Marso also appeared in Vogue's 100 years’ Edition for Hussein Chalayan’s Gravity Fatigue choreographed by Damien Jalet. He was shortlisted (as choreographer) for the Kevin Spacey’s artist of choice award in 2016 and guest lectures for leading institutions such as Rambert School and The Place in London. Marso is the 2018/2019 Choreographer in Residence for the Royal Academy of Dance’s Step into Dance programme

17 APRIL 2019


LAByrinth - A multi-sensory evening of performance art, where a new experiment awaits you around every corner. The students of PERA offer you an insight into their process, and who knows, you may find something you didn’t expect along the way…
What you can expect is a series of experiences which will entertain, captivate and charm you into questioning the world around you. -Entrance to the event is free, however a donation box will be set up for those who wish to contribute.

Curated by Celina Leisegang

5th July 2019


"ID US", PERA's 3rd annual performance evening. Having premiered on the 5th July 2019 featuring selected student work alongside three pieces from invited choreographers Maria Doulgeri, Harry Koushos and Kay Crook - “ID US” celebrated the spirit of a community, the collective action and the synergy within a group where individual identities transformed into a co-existence, sharing the powerful language of movement.

December 2018


Featuring selected student work and a performance from Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Satellite program- "Generation why" by Teatro En Vilo, the opening event of our new facilities was a great success.

November 2018

Guest Teachers

Maroula Iliopoulou, Jessica Van Cauteren, Alexandra Rogovska

Jessica Van Cauteren

Contemporary, Composition, Improvisation & Art Therapy

Alexandra Rogovska

Contemporary & improvisation

Maroula Iliopoulou

Contemporary, Ballet, Improvisation, & Composition

October 2018

Guest Teachers

Evangelia Kolyra, Maria Doulgeri

Evangelia Kolyra

Contemporary, Composition, Improvisation
& Physical Theatre

Maria Doulgeri

A Performer's Craft
About Preparation

September 2018

Guest Teacher

Klaudia Wittmann - Contemporary, Improvisation & Composition

July 2018


PERA Dance BA students' end of year final performance entitled "Under Construction". It featured four productions from invited choreographers; Julia Brendle, Opuntia Dance (Mafalda Deville, Israel Pimenta), Horacio Macuacua, Sabrina Gargano alongside a showcase of selected student work from repertoire and composition classes.

June 2018


We extend heartfelt congratulations to our Dance and Theatre graduates and we wish them all the best in their future endeavours and future lives in performance!

January 2018

Site Specific Performance- "If It Doesn't Rain"

Dance BA students end of the 1st semester performance

July 2016

"I AM"

PERA Dance BA students final performance entitled "I AM", with invited choreographers Sevim Akpinar, Arianna Economou and Tomislav English .